Handheld Hydraulic Breaker HH27


HYCON HH27 is exceptionally strong coping with all jobs requiring extreme power (75% higher performance than HH20). Best power to weight ratio.

It is designed for breaking hard concrete, asphalt, ramming jobs, etc. HH27 comes standard with the HYCON vibration-reduced handle.

It is especially used by contractors, armies, railroads, etc.


The standard tool size is hex 32x160 mm.

The breaker can be connected to the HYCON power packs and other hydraulic power sources. It is available both as 20 and 30 l.p.m. models.


Item no. hex 28x152 mm, 30 l.p.m. 1010527
Item no. hex 28x160 mm, 30 l.p.m. 1010427
Item no. hex 32x152 mm, 30 l.p.m. 1010127
Item no. hex 32x160 mm, 30 l.p.m. 1010027
Weight, kg 27,4
Oil Flow, l.p.m. 30
Working pressure, bar 130
Max. pressure, bar 160
Blow frequency, 1/min. 1260
Blow energy, J 105
Noise level 1 m L PA dB 98
Noise level 1 m LWAdB 110
Vibration level (3 axis) m/s2 10.7
Tool size, mm hex 28/32

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